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Mountain gastronomy industry - THE NOMINEES

Flour in Alpi – the new alpine flour showcase

Company: Flour in Alpi – Enrico Ceria – Politecnico di Milano

“Made in Flour“ can be proud of its four special alpine flours: Biella polenta flour, made with “Pignoletto Rosso” flour, a forgotten local flour; the stone-ground Morgex wholemeal organic flour from the fields of the Aosta Valley; the PGI chestnut flour from Monfenera, coming from the Treviso valleys; and finally the flour of Valcamonica made from rye, an ancient cereal that has been cultivated in this area since the Bronze Age. The four packagings stand out from those of the competitors and have several competitive advantages: a scale for the consumer to see the amount of product left, a simple recipe equipped with a QR code, and a spout to ensure clean surfaces. The selected material is the “Tetra Pack”, sustainable and compatible with the flours, in particular the “Tetra Brik Aseptic 1000” which is guaranteed to be functional and reliable, strictly bio-based with an ecological production process.