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Terre Altre – biodiverse agriculture and social chicken farming

Company: Terre Altre fattoria sociale e didattica

The Terre Altre cooperative promotes three main activities: environmentally responsible agriculture with cultivation in the Fiemme Valley at 1000 meters above sea level, respecting the earth and its cycles; the protection of biodiversity as an ally of agricultural work; the reproduction of endangered seeds from ancient vegetable varieties. The social farm offers a job and vocational training to people who are in personal, family or other difficult situations, through field work and the rearing of laying hens. On the teaching farm, people can learn from the greatest of all teachers: nature. It’s a year-round activity for children and adults, where specific knowledge is gained through personal experience by doing and observing. The promotion of activities in contact with the earth enhances the positive effects on the psychophysical health of the individual and the well-being of the community, with particular regard to the multifunctional role of agriculture: environmental education; conscious consumption choices; sustainable use of resources; protection of biodiversity; health and proper nutrition.