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Company: ASD CYB Sport Yoga Danza e Benessere

Flow is the state of being of a person when fully engaged in an activity: highest concentration, highest joy, no fatigue.
Giacomo Gerlin and the Belluno Yoga Centre have developed mindfulness and traditional yoga techniques for sports training for teams and athletes (flow sport) with the aim of developing flow and thus increasing performance. An increasing number of people willing to invest time and money in innovative and high-quality offers for their psychophysical balance are now also committed to wellness tourism. Total Flow fills a gap that traditional tourism has not yet recognized. The mountains have the ideal characteristics of environment and ecology to favour the achievement of a total state of integration. Here science, experience, ecology and body care can be perfectly combined for an opportunity unique on the European scene. Flow is a great way to bring the yoga discipline to the mountains, to the world of sports and to wellness-oriented institutions, in a way that is scientifically tailored to place-people-client needs. Flow Sport and Total Flow propose a new idea of experiencing the relationship between mountain places, physicality and the inner world of the person.