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Glac-UP – adotta un ghiacciaio

Company: Glac-UP srl Società Benefit *startup*

Glac-UP is the first start-up to involve people, businesses, local communities and the scientific community in protecting and enhancing alpine glaciers. The goal of Glac-UP is to save and valorize the most popular alpine glaciers. With this start-up, companies and individuals can "adopt" part of the glacier and thus finance the covering of the glaciers with special geotextiles that reduce the melting process by up to 100%. With a circular economy in mind, Glac-UP will also be involved in the design and development of products made from the geotextiles to be discarded. The goal of Glac-UP is to make the use of geotextiles economically sustainable and expand the covered glacier area year by year. This will be made possible by the contribution of consumers and businesses, who will receive an adoption certificate' showing the area covered depending on the amount invested.