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Movin Alps

Company: Lorenzo Guslandi - Politecnico di Milano

Movin Alps is a project to promote mountain sports, taking into account the biodiversity of the mountains. It is an app that enables the practising of various sports in environmentally friendly ways, promoting new mobility in different areas, environments and seasons. It is the evolution of the concept of individual activity, it allows a total, multidisciplinary experience with mobility linked only through sporting activity. Sustainability begins in the city with eco-mobility. Users advance by following the customized path on digital maps that suits their needs and abilities. They are accompanied by specialized trainers from the sports schools, who participate in the app together with the retailers of the necessary equipment. Geolocation ensures safety, as with the Reach Garmin Mini. The position and weather data are updated in real time and this allows to revise the adventure in a more comfortable place when the weather conditions change.