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Rucksack Sella 26L

Company: Salewa

The 26 litre Sella backpack is the perfect and compact companion for winter adventures and ski touring experiences.
It was developed to offer the user's back better breathability and high load stability uphill as well as downhill. This is made possible by the Salewa Dry Back Contact carrying system, which reduces the contact surface with the body and thus ensures better ventilation. At the same time, the pack stays close to the body for better load distribution and this can make a significant difference when ski touring. The divided shoulder straps and the ergonomic hip belt offer a high level of comfort and safety. The Salewa designers created the Sella 26 litre backpack to meet the needs of both ski mountaineers who want to carry their skis for short periods, for example when bootpacking, and ambitious ski mountaineers who climb and rappel for accessing snow-covered gullies. A backpack that is quick, easy and intuitive to use will boost confidence and safety, especially in exposed areas and when transitioning from snow to rock and ice. The Sella 26L is made of Regen Robic, an extremely robust and tear-resistant 100% recycled nylon.