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Sustainable tourism - THE NOMINEES


Company: Az.Agr. di Grottoli Maria Cristina

Funghi e Fate (mushrooms and fairies) is a holiday farm based on the cultivation of local organic products located in the woods of the valley Val di Taro, in the Parma Apennine Mountains. It offers B&B accommodation, produces organic fruit and vegetables and uses the 15 hectares of wood belonging to the farm, very rich in mushrooms, to promote respect for the forest and conscious mushroom seeking.

Funghi e Fate organises mycology and stone carving courses according to the ancient art of the Val di Taro area. All buildings have been renovated, respecting the surrounding environment, with only zero-miles original materials.

In a sparsely urbanized area, but overwhelmed by the "hit and run" tourism of Sunday mushroom hunters, Funghi e Fate offers an alternative: relaxing moments according to the rhythms of the valley, nature and the woods.