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Mountain short films - Selection committee

Stories, faces, emotions, high altitude routes, told through the eyes of a cine camera and the sensitivity of a film director.

Luana Bisesti

Director of the Trento Film Festival, the first and oldest international cinema festival dedicated to themes of the mountains, adventure and exploration.


Laura Agnoletto

Co-founder and art director of Milano Montagna, an annual festival dedicated to mountain and outdoor culture. 


Luca Bich

Artistic director of Cervino Cine Mountain Festival, the highest international mountain film festival in Europe.


Marco Ribetti

Vice director of the Museo Nazionale della Montagna of Turin and curator of its Cineteca Storica e Videoteca (Historical Film Library and Video Archive), for over twenty years he has curated temporary exhibitions dedicated to all aspects of the mountains, mountaineering and exploration, relocating many of them to other locations in Italy and abroad.
At the same time, he has been in charge of the acquisition, filing and management of films for the Museum's Cineteca Storica e Videoteca (Historical Film Library and Video Archive).
He has collaborated with magazines dedicated to the mountains and mountaineering, writing about the cinema and about films shot in the Alps and on other mountains throughout the world.
He follows the most important festivals of the sector and is the co-ordinator of the International Alliance for Mountain Film, the association that groups the main organisations promoting mountain film worldwide; Museomontagna is one of its founders and is its official headquarters.