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Enogastronomy - THE NOMINEES


Company: Drype *startup*

Drype is a solid, soluble and alcoholic beverage obtained by pulverizing the beverages that traditionally make up the best cocktails. The preparation is simple: just put Drype in a glass of water, let it dissolve and it's ready to drink in a few seconds. With no packaging material and no topping-up water (which is abundant in liqueurs), Drype is a lightweight ready-to-drink beverage that reduces both emissions associated with transportation and the volume of waste disposal. These aspects are particularly important for tourist activities in the high mountains, where moments of pleasure with a good drink are the order of the day. In this product, which can be easily transported and does not pollute the environment in which it is consumed, you can find the original taste of mountain plants in precious infusions and spirits. A new drinking culture that also respects nature.