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Alberto Lupini

Working as a journalist since 1979, Alberto Lupini has been editor-in-chief of ‘Italia a Tavola’ since 2002 and of ‘Check-In’ since 2021. Today, he is one of the most popular journalists and commentators in the gastronomy and tourism sector.
With great attention to every taste and technique trend, he manages the most widespread network for professionals, whose rigour and professional ethics leave no space for improvisation or fads. The approach to news is always closely linked to the goal of promoting updates and information with diversified attention for professionals and consumers, in both print and web versions, from daily newspapers to monthly magazines.

An economist and historian by cultural background and professional experience, he has been editor-in-chief, reporter and correspondent of ‘Il Sole 24Ore’, ‘Il Mondo’ and ‘L'Eco di Bergamo’, as well as cultural manager and organizer of exhibitions and museums, and an essayist of economic and political history. He tackles food and hospitality issues from an entrepreneurial perspective combined with a stylish intellectual approach, mindful of the beautiful as well as of the good and the useful.