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Equipment and clothing - Selectors

Giampaolo Allocco

Giampaolo Allocco has won over 40 international awards, including the COMPASSO D'ORO INTERNATIONAL 2017 Industrial Design Award - Sport and Innovation with Quick Motion. At the age of 26, he designed his "first" Formula 1 and exhibited his projects in Frankfurt, Tokyo, Essen, Milan, Rome, Pesaro and Chicago. Several books and dissertations have been dedicated to his work.
He prefers to stray from the traditional routes, and upon leaving work, he picked up his studies again. He enrolled at the Italian Design Institut in Padua (SID) and, guided by teachers of the Polytechnic University of Milan, graduated with distinction.
Over the last fifteen years, he has been manager of one of the most important trail running events (duerocche.com) that attracts over 6,000 runners from all over Italy and has seen over 60,000 registrations in the last ten years.
Furthermore, he is an officer of the Alpini at the Alpine Military School of Aosta and, as a lieutenant, has led part of the Alpine troop and taken part in the Alpine Troops Ski Championship.

Marco Di Marco

The first issue of the biweekly magazine Sciare, dedicated to skiing and winter sports, was released by his father Massimo Di Marco in Milan three years before his birth (on 1st December 1966). At the age of seven, he took him to see the Italian Alpine Ski Championship. The entire team of the Italian national alpine ski team, the so-called Valanga Azzurra, was there. He returned home and decided that there is nothing better than skiing. At the age of 14, he became the delivery guy of the editorial staff, at 16 he wrote a column dedicated to stickers, at 19 he became a member of the editorial team, at the age of 21, he divided his time between ski gear and the Ski World Cup. In 1987 he invented the buying guide Guida Tecnica all’Acquisto, in 1988 the snowboard magazine OnBoard.

In 1997, he set up the website www.sciaremag.it, in 1998 he created the Fis Carving Cup with Giulio Rossi. After 8 world championships and 5 Olympic games, in 2001 he became the director of the magazine, a position he still holds today.

Stefano Illing

Born in Cortina d’Ampezzo, where he currently lives, he is an engineer by profession. For several years he was engaged in municipal development and Institutional Building in various developing countries for NGOs,  the World Bank, FAO and other organisations. He went on to become involved in the development of tourism in the mountains; he is a consultant at international level for the planning and development of ski resorts. He designed,  planned and co-ordinated the creation of the Lagazuoi, Sasso di Stria and 5 Torri Great War Open-air Museum.

The designer of the Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti, conceived as a means of valorising and promoting the values and culture of the mountains, currently is the president of the Cortina Delicious Consortium, councillor and CEO of various ski lift societies and consortiums in the Dolomites.