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Lagazuoi WIMA

Lagazuoi Winning Ideas Mountain Awards 2023

The Lagazuoi Winning Ideas Mountain Awards 2023 are an initiative promoted by Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti to select and enhance the most innovative projects, products and ideas in the sectors of equipment and clothing, services and apps and gastronomy industry on the subject of the mountains.

Participation is free of charge and open to sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations, start-ups, organizations, public and private associations.

There are three award categories:

  • mountain equipment and clothing: projects of technical clothing and equipment for high altitudes and specific climatic conditions to safely enjoy the mountain world both in summer and winter;
  • services and apps for the mountains: enhancement, knowledge and promotion of the mountains, achieved by means of projects that, through innovative services or new technologies, make it possible to extend the exploration and knowledge of the mountains to new customers and new users and, at the same time, to enhance and qualify the host locations. Ideas for renewing mountain experiences through projects, initiatives, app and gaming tools;
  • mountain gastronomy industry: innovative methods of production and/or processing of raw materials but also new approaches to the marketing and distribution of the local products of mountain communities located in mountain municipalities (at more than 600 meters above sea level).

The deadline for submitting your Winning Idea is midnight on Sunday, 5th February 2023.

For more information, see the WIMA 2023 Regulations  


By joining our forces, we go further

Innovators, managers and entrepreneurs living in the mountains have combined their strengths to support our project

In this edition of the Lagazuoi Winning Ideas Mountain Awards, Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti wanted five exemplary companies by its side to join the award with the aim of promoting it among companies, start-ups, organizations and associations who care deeply about the future of the highlands.

ANGI, the Italian Association of Young Innovators, chaired by Gabriele Ferrieri, the first non-profit organization in Italy entirely dedicated to the world of innovation. ASSI Manager, the Italian Sport Business Manager Association, which brings together established professionals involved in sports management who, under the direction of president Federico Fantini, are focused on the economic and marketing front of sports management. Assosport, the Association of Italian Sporting Goods Industry, chaired by Anna Ferrino, represents, supports and promotes, both in Italy and worldwide, companies manufacturing and/or distributing clothing, footwear and equipment for the sports sector in Italy. Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti, an important Italian Industry Association that supports the development and enhancement of the local economy linked to the unparalleled Dolomites, a World Heritage site, with a particular focus on innovation and internationalization. UNCEM, the Italian Union of Mountain Towns and Communities, chaired by Marco Bussone, which brings together the localities and companies operating in the mountains, and has dedicated the last decade to the issues of energy efficiency and sustainable development.


The Lagazuoi cable car and the Lagazuoi refuge are associated with the Cortina Delicious Consortium, the tourism organisation which operates in the delightful and innovative Lagazuoi - 5 Torri - Giau area of Cortina d'Ampezzo.