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Sustainable tourism - THE NOMINEES


Company: Frieco Società Benefit srl *startup*

Ecotrix is a new proposal that aims to support tourism activities in mountain areas, such as refuges, in waste management and provide them with an additional tool. Waste must be stored economically and sustainably, the space required for storage must be reduced and the recycling process and hence waste disposal in the high mountains must be optimised. Frieco is an innovative start-up intended to implement a "circular economy at a local level", starting from the concept of volumetric reduction of inorganic waste on-site using an innovative, patented shredding technology that reduces the volume of all inorganic waste by more than 95% with a reduction ratio of 1:20. Ecotrix is a new device, scalable in size and flexible in applications so as to adapt to different needs, ranging from domestic to industrial use. It has an upper flap to introduce the material and a lower flap with a collection container for the shredded material.