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Max Cassani

He was given his first pair of skis when he was five years old. Since, despite all his efforts he did not become a Bode Miller, he had to resign himself to becoming a journalist. For a quarter of a century, he has worked in the Milan editorial office of 'La Stampa' as a journalist in the mountain and show business sectors.
Promoter and prime supporter of the slow-ski movement, he understands the snow in a pleasure-loving and sustainable way, even in terms of costs.
Sacrifices are already being made at work throughout the week: why on earth complicate life in our spare time by waking up early to take the first chairlift or skiing when the wind is blowing and the storm is raging?
He loves his cat, 80s music and mixed boiled meat. The ultimate treat? Skiing off-piste in spring while listening to the sound of Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy the silence' through headphones.

Paolo Ottolina

Paolo Ottolina was born in Asti in 1974. He has worked for the daily newspaper Corriere della Sera since 2001, first on the website for many years and then in the login team, before turning to technology and innovation full-time, topics he has been writing about since the start of his journalistic career with a focus on personal technology, devices and apps.
The mountains of Via Lattea have always been his go-to destination, but he longs to broaden his horizons and explore the Dolomites.

Stefano Illing

Born in Cortina d’Ampezzo, where he currently lives, he is an engineer by profession. For several years he was engaged in municipal development and Institutional Building in various developing countries for NGOs,  the World Bank, FAO and other organisations. He went on to become involved in the development of tourism in the mountains; he is a consultant at international level for the planning and development of ski resorts. He designed,  planned and co-ordinated the creation of the Lagazuoi, Sasso di Stria and 5 Torri Great War Open-air Museum.

The designer of the Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti, conceived as a means of valorising and promoting the values and culture of the mountains, currently is the president of the Cortina Delicious Consortium, councillor and CEO of various ski lift societies and consortiums in the Dolomites.