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Digital innovation - THE NOMINEES

LagazYou, make the mountain your own!

Company: BBS s.r.l.

The idea, based on a project already carried out for Mont Blanc, is to create a narrative that tells the history of this area through a Progressive Web App. This can be installed on a mobile phone and used offline. Designed to provide information to tourists, it highlights the main climatic, historical and cultural changes that have shaped Mount Lagazuoi. An interactive app with augmented reality (AR) was developed to immerse the visitor in the experience, with a different narrative and interactive solutions, making him a real explorer in search of hidden knowledge in the Dolomites, so that he becomes part of the narrative, the protagonist of the experience. The main goal of the user is to find, unlock and collect items such as drawings, AR experiences, 3D and videos, as well as to create interactions that generate more interest, engagement and empathy while visiting an area. A guiding character, "Pierre the Ibex", helps the user to discover all the curiosities and secrets of the area.