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Company: LessonBOOM *startup*

This is a multisport platform that allows users to book physical education classes in the discipline they want with just one click. It offers the opportunity to choose who you wish to train with, where, when and at what price, comparing the services of different establishments and professionals. LessonBOOM is a vertical sports marketplace that connects sports professionals and specialized freelancers with users across the national territory, allowing sports enthusiasts to choose the best facilities and the best professionals. From the home page of the site, LessonBOOM offers the user the opportunity to compose the lessons according to their needs and desires: they enter their geographical position, the sport and subcategory they want to practice, as well as the dates and times. The LessonBOOM platform currently has 1,200 subscribers (divided into sports establishments and freelancers) and over 5,000 registered users: this startup is on the market in over 100 Italian locations with a particularly well-structured offer in Milan, Rome and Turin and has just completed its first Crowdfunding campaign. The goal is to improve the platform, expand the team and introduce new services.




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