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Apple Skin

Company: One More *startup*

OneMore is a budding South Tyrolean brand for avant-garde ski and outdoor clothing, whose garments combine innovative drive and trend awareness, technical accuracy and contemporary design as well as a strong vocation for sustainability.
Quality research and experimentation are the cornerstones of OneMore garments, always with special regard to sustainable reuse. One of the innovative materials of this brand is AppleSkin, an imitation eco-leather made from recovered apple processing waste, mainly from South Tyrol. It is an exceptional alternative to animal skin, the perfect example of the circular economy with a sustainable, future-proof production technique. This innovative material has interesting quality and performance characteristics. 100% vegan, wear-and-tear resistant, UV-ray proof, AppleSkin is the most natural faux leather available on the market today. OneMore is the first company in the world to choose to use AppleSkin for sportswear.