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Piuma 3.0

Company: SALEWA

Weighing just 175 g, the Piuma 3.0 is the lightest climbing and mountaineering helmet ever developed by SALEWA®. With its new EPP-PC in-mould construction, it is engineered for enhanced energy absorption and special all-round impact protection at the front, back and sides. Thanks to the new “Dry Head” ventilation concept, the Piuma allows air to circulate freely around the head. Made with an expanded polypropylene foam shell and a polycarbonate outer shell, the Piuma 3.0 is designed to protect you from multiple angles. This product meets all UIAA (Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme) safety standards. With a sleek and streamlined design that perfectly adapts to fit all head shapes, this item is stylish and comfortable to wear. Elasticated clips provide a secure and uncomplicated attachment for a headlamp or ski goggles.
It is an ultra-lightweight protection for demanding routes and top-level mountaineering.

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