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Nos Ladins - We are Ladins

Company: Alta Badia Brand

The project Nos Ladins (We are Ladins) aims to bring tourists closer to local traditions and the way of life of the population through encounters with native locals, which take place in the winter months from December to March.
The experience of spending a few hours with a herbalist, a rescuer in the snow and his dog, a young baker, a telemark enthusiast, a local game warden, a young weaver and a cross-country skiing and biathlon teacher will be a cherished memory for all those who participate in Nos Ladins’ activities. The event gives visitors to Alta Badia, in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites, the chance to enjoy activities together with the people who live here: the Ladins. The undisputed protagonists of this project are linked by a profound love and knowledge of the valley where they were born and grew up and of the millennial traditions which characterise their culture. No one knows how to convey the strength and vitality of a place better than those who were born and  live there.