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Digital innovation - Selection committee

Gabriele Ferrieri

Forbes TOP 100 under 30. Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration, Roma Tre University. Winner of scholarships for academic merits, awarded with the Unirete Special Award by the Italian employers' organization Confindustria for the best business idea and the Industria Felix Award for the best management performance. Chairman of the ANGI - Italian Association of Young Innovators, promoted and sponsored by the main Italian and European institutions, as well as creator of the ANGI National Award, an annual event dedicated to the best Italian innovators.
Co-Founder of iCarry and Managing Director, the first Italian home delivery platform that enables the delivery of goods and merchandise to the retail and e-commerce worlds. Member of the jury for the Leonardo Startup Award. Member of Task Force B20, Digital Transformation Commission. University professor and scientific coordinator. During his career, he has had the opportunity to work in various multi-sectoral business contexts in both the private sector and public administration. He was a contributor to numerous newspapers, radio and television columnist, former Unesco peace ambassador and author of the book “Pensare oltre e agire veloce” (Think beyond and act fast), published by Rubbettino Editore.


Cristina Angelillo

Cristina Angelillo from Bari is a digital entrepreneur with a degree in telecommunications engineering. After several years in the information and communication service on radio and television, she decided in 2014 to follow her passion for children and teaching. So she quit her job and co-founded Marshmallow Games, a digital start-up that develops and distributes educational apps used by hundreds of thousands of children in the world. This company cooperates with major brands in the media & entertainment sector. Today she is the CEO and personally takes care of business development, partner shops and fundraising.


Bruno Ruffilli

He has been a journalist for over 25 years, is an innovation expert and has been with La Stampa since 2001, where he has been responsible for the technology sector since 2014.
Furthermore, he deals with music, design, culture and art in the digital age. After graduating in philosophy, he has also written for La Repubblica, Il Manifesto, Vogue and Marie Claire.
He has a management degree and many years of experience as a graphic designer in graphic development for newspapers, magazines and websites.