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The mountains, a territory of innovation:
Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti launches the 2nd WIMA-edition

© Stefano Zardini

The Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti launches the 2nd edition of the Winning Ideas Mountain Awards

The competition conceived by Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti, which enhances talent, innovation, green tourism linked to the mountains, opens this year to self-nominations: starting from 19th October, the most innovative and sustainable entrepreneurs and companies are invited to register and to submit their candidacy.

In parallel, a selection committee made up of experts, journalists and entrepreneurs will select additional projects to include in the shortlist.

Space is given to all ideas which relaunch the mountains as an area for experimenting best practice and new visions: the best ideas will be awarded and exhibited at the Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti, one of the highest exhibition galleries in the world.

The competition is divided into four categories: mountain clothing and equipment, innovative and sustainable mountain tourism, digital innovation & apps, and - an absolute novelty of this edition - innovative and sustainable mountain gastronomy industry.

Milan, 19th October 2020_ The future lives in the highlands: the second edition of the Winning Ideas Mountain Awards aims to finally give full visibility to the transformative potential of the mountains.

“Here we rely on innovation, we are experimenting with sustainable technologies and testing products, ideas, models of micro-society and work”, explains Stefano Illing, creator of the laboratory and exhibition space Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti, at 2,732 metres above sea level, organizer of the format. “Enough has been said about stereotypes and conservative rhetoric: today the mountains are more progressive than ever. They are a way of life laboratory and - compared to the densely populated lowland areas and cities - they are really focused on the quality of the relationship between man and nature."

Due recognition must be given to those who trace new paths and come up with pioneering ideas, to those who contribute to renewing the image of the mountains with a focus on sustainability, technological innovation, environment and tourism.

Unlike the 2019 edition, the main novelty is the possibility of self-candidacy: engineers, artists, designers, companies, large and small realities can raise awareness of their good ideas and best practices which will change the mountain world.
Who wants to participate in the selection, can submit his candidacy on the official WIMA website.

At the same time, a selection committee made up of high-profile experts - journalists, representatives of organizations and associations, researchers, entrepreneurs - will contribute to the selection by identifying and proposing the most interesting projects on the national scene.

The award-winning projects will be exhibited at Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti In February and March 2021 at 2.778 metres of altitude with a stunning view and the most beautiful Dolomite peaks.

Four juries were selected to determine the winners of each category. These juries were made up of university students and doctoral students from the specific areas of expertise.

There are four award categories:

  • Mountain clothing and mountain equipment. The best proposals for technical clothing and equipment suitable for particular altitudes and climatic conditions. Selection committee: Luca Castaldini (Sportweek and Gazzetta dello Sport), Marco di Marco (director of the magazine Sciare), Maria Corbi (manager of the society sector of the daily newspaper La Stampa). Jury: Ski Club of the SDA Bocconi University of Milan under the supervision of the lecturer Prof. Federico Pippo.
  • Mountain tourism and sustainability. Economy, environment, culture: new values for the mountain territories. Forms of tourism that satisfy the needs of travellers and the places where they stay, at the same time safeguarding and enhancing the opportunities for the future. Selection committee: Luigi Felicetti, (journalist and Rai-presenter, author of Geo), Massimiliano Ossini (journalist, former tv presenter of Linea Verde, writer), Mia Pizzi (design consultant for Abitare). Jury: Università di Bergamo, Tourism Marketing, Economics and Management under the supervision of the lecturer Prof. Andrea Macchiavelli.
  • Digital innovation & apps. Ideas for renewing your mountain experience. From sport to tourism, the world of the mountains unfolds through digital innovation and technologies. Selection committee: Emiliano Audisio (Wired Next Fest, Frame, planner of cultural, scientific and technological events), Fabio Bogo (director of Green&Blue, Deputy Director and Project Manager in the Economy and Finance Sector of La Repubblica), Jacopo Pertile (founder of AzzurroDigitale and licensee of TEDxCortina. Jury: Università della Montagna, Unimont under the supervision of the lecturer Prof. Anna Giorgi.
  • NEW Innovative and Sustainable mountain gastronomy industry. The world of food is at the centre of a revolution that involves food production, consumption habits and waste combat. Changes could can make a real difference. Selection committee: Maddalena Fossati (director of La Cucina Italiana), Massimiliano Tonelli (managing editor of Gambero Rosso and Artribune), Norbert Niederkofler (chef-de-cuisine, three Michelin-stars at the St. Hubertus restaurant). Jury: degree course in Gastronomic Sciences at the University of Parma under the supervision of the lecturer Prof. Cristina Mora.

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