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Lagazuoi WIMA 2021
Exhibition of the winning projects from 20th August to 24th October 2021

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Materials, technologies, never tested applications, high tech solutions: Lagazuoi Winning Ideas Mountain Awards, the original curatorial project of Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti, tells the state of the art technology, design and communication related to the mountains. The exhibition dedicated to the winning projects of the second edition displays the most innovative ideas that are the key to progress.

A positive and encouraging sign after the temporary stop of high-altitude sports and tourism activities due to the pandemic: the state of emergency has in no way compromised the capacity to raise the bar, to innovate constantly in a perspective of sustainability.

There are many visions of the future on display: a recyclable shoe that turns into a ski boot shell, a start-up that helps reduce one’s environmental impact, a concert hall entirely made of snow in which "glacial”  concerts are held, an example of regenerative cuisine with cycle management in a former barn. Furthermore, a shoe that "reads" how you ski, a "space suit" for snow adventures,   a village that has become a widespread museum, an app to discover peaks. Immersed in the unique scenario of Mt. Lagazuoi, the public can explore new concepts.

The selection and examination of the projects (at the suggestion of the committee or self-candidacy) was entrusted to high-profile experts: journalists, representatives of organizations and associations, researchers, entrepreneurs who have valued the most interesting projects on the national scene.

The juries - made up of students from the most prestigious universities, enrolled in masters and faculties from the specific areas of expertise - have determined the winners in each category: mountain clothing and equipment; sustainable mountain tourism; digital innovation & apps; mountain gastronomy industry.

Development and coordination of special projects Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti  and DOC-COM Press Office