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Sustainable tourism - 2022 edition

Economy, environment, culture

These are the new values for the mountain territories. Forms of tourism that satisfy the needs of travellers and the places where they stay, at the same time safeguarding and enhancing the opportunities for the future.

The selection

Each category was entrusted to a team of high-level experts who put together a list of the most interesting Italian and international projects.

The candidates in the "Mountain tourism and sustainability" category were nominated by:

  • Mario Tonina - President of the Unesco Dolomites Foundation
  • Paola Manfredi - Vanity Fair journalist
  • Susanna Sieff - Sustainability Manager Advisor

The evaluation

Four juries were selected to determine the winners of each category.

The entrants for the category "Mountain gastronomy industry" were evaluated by

  • Andrea Macchiavelli - Professor at the Bergamo University of Marketing, Economy and Management of Tourism Companies
  • Vanda Bonardo - President of CiPRA - International Commission for the Protection of the Alps
  • Giovanni Moro - Editor-in-Chief of Dove

The awarding

The winning projects of WIMA2022, Winning Ideas Mountain Awards, are displayed at Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti in a dedicated special exhibition at 2,778 meters above sea level.

The exhibition can be visited from June 2022 until March 2023. From this edition onwards, the respective final exhibition is assigned a permanent place in the Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti and its display will be renewed from year to year.