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Sustainable tourism - Selection committee

Economy, environment, culture: new values for the mountain territories. Forms of tourism that satisfy the needs of travellers and the places where they stay, at the same time safeguarding and enhancing the opportunities for the future.

Sebastiano Venneri

Sebastiano Venneri, aged 59, a graduate in Sociology and a member of the National Secretariat of Legambiente, the Italian Environmental League, is the director of the association's Territory and Innovation sector, and of its tourism and seaside sectors; in the latter capacity, he is mainly occupied with the problems of sea pollution, and with matters regarding fishing and the protected areas of the seas.
He was Vice-president and campaign director of the association from 2008 to 2011. Since 2001 he has planned and followed the constructive stages, for Legambiente and in collaboration with the Touring Club Italiano, of the “Guida Blu” (The “Blue Guide”), the detailed guide of the most beautiful coastal localities, beaches and lakes in Italy.
The co-founder and president of Vivilitalia, a society in which Legambiente participates, that is concerned with environmental tourism. The creator, co-ordinator and teacher of the courses of ASTA (Alta Scuola di Turismo Ambientale, or High School of Environmental Tourism).

Daniela Berta

Director of the Museo Nazionale della Montagna "Duca degli Abruzzi" of Turin since 2018, as well as director of the Museo Civico Alpino "Arnaldo Tazzetti" of Usseglio (2013-2018) and of the Sistema Museale Valle di Viù (2015-2018), she has always been concerned with mountain culture, with particular regard to the museological aspects and the territorial promotion networks. A curator of permanent and temporary exhibitions, she has created and guided projects concerning research, restoration, documentation and publications about the mountain territory. She is the co-ordinator of IMMA (International Mountain Museums Alliance), housed at the Museomontagna, an organisation for the conservation, documentation and valorisation of the cultures and traditions of the mountains worldwide through professional dialogue among museums.


Maria Corbi

A journalist and writer, she is the senior editor of the society sector of the daily newspaper La Stampa.