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Sustainable tourism - THE NOMINEES

L’Altra Montagna. Le Dolomiti del silenzio

Company: Associazione ISOIPSE

L'Altra Montagna is a research and participatory involvement project that, since 2018, has been experimenting with practices of creative participation by communities to achieve communication and development of a tourist industry that respects the principles of sustainability and acknowledges the culture and history of those who are living in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Dolomites. The project assumes that every place is a heritage community and that only the participation of the inhabitants can transmit to a tourist the uniqueness inherent to the places. The long-term challenge is that the perspectives of the many inhabitants of the mountain, organised as a coherent communication project, can become an authentic and genuine story of the less visited places in the Dolomites and that this shared story can develop into an object of interest and a tool for tourism. The special nature of this project is the experimentation of an alternative tourist communication, which emphasizes above all the sensibility of the inhabitants, the stories told by the locals and the unique bond that each one has with his or her territory of origin. To date, L'Altra Montagna has involved four municipalities in the Friulian Dolomites: Forni di Sopra, Frisanco, Forni di Sotto and Claut.