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D-Air Ski Evolution Man

Company: Dainese

Debuting at the 2015 World Championships, D|Air has become the undisputed leader among the airbag systems in the ISF (International Ski Federation) Downhill Skiing World Cup.

It is an extremely complex system consisting of a hybrid structure uniting the certified technology of the Wave back protector with an inflatable airbag providing ergonomic cover for the chest, deltoids and shoulders. 

The system is equipped with GPS and a gyroscope that detects loss of balance and sends a signal to the explosive primer, which sets off a detonation that inflates the airbag to ensure protection for the skier in a few milliseconds.

The technology chosen by Lindsey Vonn, Sofia Goggia and Matthias Mayer is now available to all athletes looking for maximum protection. A dream came true.




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