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Mountain clothing and mountain equipment - THE NOMINEES


Company: Corso di Design Alpino, Politecnico di Milano, Scuola di Design

Exploration, immersion in nature. Astro* is the integrable basic winter suit of the future, which was developed for challenges in the alpine environment and produced with  a specific eco-friendly, ultra-resistant material. The weight and dimensions of the folded product are reduced to a minimum, guaranteeing maximum lightness. The effect is an avant-garde snow look, for an overall experience and a stylish look at high altitude.

The integration of combinable high-tech upgrade accessories, this suit adapts to the needs of a diverse target, from mountain riders to winter sports lovers, in a compendium of versatile solutions, which guarantee protection from shocks, cold and pathogens.

A utopian dimension in which Astro* is proposed as an armour to counter the danger and allows to move freely in space. Planet Earth mission. A no-limits journey.

Course Alpine Design of the Polytechnic University of Milan. Design by:  L. Guslandi, C. Pirovano, A. Rota