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Mountain clothing and mountain equipment - THE NOMINEES


Company: Corso di Design Alpino, Politecnico di Milano, Scuola di Design

The project is based on the words lightness, modularity and share and draws attention to the need for a universal frame for the first steps on an ice rink. The module is light and space-saving, the height is adjustable and therefore suitable for everyone. It is made of recycled polypropylene, which is the most suitable solution in terms of durability and sustainability.

Thanks to the joint in the upper part of the frame, the handle height can be adjusted. Furthermore, the shape allows to combine several frames and thus enjoy shared experiences on the ice.

The project is implemented with a technology that uses an app to project light traces onto the ice rink, which are guided exercises to playfully learn how to move on ice.

Course Alpine Design of the Polytechnic University of Milan. Design by:  M. Berti, L. Rocca, A. Tremolada