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Mountain gastronomy industry - THE NOMINEES


Company: SanBrite

A regenerative kitchen. Agricucina, a term used to denote seasonal dishes that vary according to the time of the year. Just like agriculture, which uses the land without exploiting it, but enriches it with nutrients and precious substances.

Dishes inspired by ancient mountain traditions and made from local products, roots and tubers. All kitchen waste is put back into circulation and turned into fertilizer or animal feed.

A cycle management based on the constant exchange between the territory and the chef de cuisine, which the restaurant rigorously applies. It was set up by the young couple Riccardo Gaspari (kitchen) and Ludovica Rubbini (dining room and wine cellar) in the Gaspari family's former hayloft: an old, disused building that has been renovated with great care and restructured in 2017.