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Daring, original, unusual: the three winners of the award Lagazuoi WIMA2021

The tourism projects awarded with the Lagazuoi Winning Ideas Mountain Awards 2021

Enter a theatre at 2,600 metres of altitude to attend a concert and discover that everything there is made of ice; explore a mountain village that has been turned into a museum; walk through a timeless valley between ancient rock carvings and contemporary street art. These are the winning ideas in the Sustainable mountain tourism category of the award devised by the Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti exhibition centre located at 2,778 metres above sea level between Cortina and Val Badia.

The second edition of the Lagazuoi Winning Ideas Mountain Awards focuses on talent, innovation and green tourism related to mountains and sustainability. The leitmotif of the three winning projects in this category is artistic expression, which forms a bridge between different realities and thus opens up new opportunities.

The award ceremony and the exhibition of the winning projects at the Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti cultural centre will take place as soon as it will be possible to hold in-person attendance events again.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, 10th March 2021_Going up the mountain after sunset, entering a concert hall in an igloo, listening to an orchestra playing ice instruments on a dazzling and sparkling stage: this is an unforgettable experience for Ice Music spectators, the absolute winner in the Sustainable mountain tourism category of the Lagazuoi Winning Ideas Mountain Awards 2021.

The second edition of this award, a substantial curatorial project by Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti, also honours two other projects of change, the second and third place winners: Illegio, a mountain village in the Carnia region that every year organizes an art exhibition of international relevance with works from all over Europe, and Wall in Art in the Val Camonica Valley, a widespread park of public art, where the writer Ozmo, along with other young artists, holds a dialogue with the prehistoric past of the Valley of the Landmarks. The winners were determined by a jury composed of students at the Università di Bergamo (postgraduate course Tourism Planning and Management of Tourism Systems) co-ordinated by the lecturer Andrea Macchiavelli.

Some of the participating projects were selected by highly qualified experts: Luigi Felicetti, journalist and Rai-presenter, author of Geo, Massimiliano Ossini journalist, former TV presenter of Linea Verde, writer, Mia Pizzi, journalist and design expert.

These projects will be officially presented together with the winners of the other three competing categories, namely Digital innovations & apps for the mountains, Mountain clothing and mountain equipment and Mountain gastronomy industry. As soon as the epidemic situation makes it possible, the public will have the opportunity to admire them at the Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti, next to the top station of the Lagazuoi cable car, between Cortina and the Badia valley, amid the stunning scenery that embraces a gallery and one of Europe’s highest cultural centres.

The three winners

ICE MUSIC_We are in the Pontedilegno-Tonale ski area, in the heart of the Presena glacier at an altitude of 2600 metres. And here there is the Ice Dome, a theatre made entirely of ice and accessible via ski slopes or by cable car. Here, a program of sustainable events with important international guests and repertoires from classical music to jazz and rock is organized three months a year. There is some stage lighting, the rest is basically made of ice: even the instruments - violins, violas, cellos, guitars, percussion and an enormous xylophone - played by the ParadICE Orchestra. The audience is drawn into an unreal, magical world made of sounds and colours. This enchantment arises from the snow and melts with spring: this emphasizes the seasonal cycles and the key element water: a resource that is more precious than ever, a symbol of beauty without borders.

ILLEGIO_In Illegio, a remote village in Carnia, you can live secluded and embrace the world at the same time. Here the peace and quiet of the mountains are protected and yet, the great enthusiasm of creativity is welcomed, sparks of beauty that enlighten the heart and mind. A few years ago, Don Alessio Geretti decided to revitalize the village with art exhibitions together with the San Floriano Cultural Association. Now Illegio is thriving every year with works from all over Europe, which turn it into a widespread museum that attracts many visitors. The marginality of the mountains and their seclusion become a lens through which art can be read with a “different”, highly innovative vision. The sustainability of the project is not only ecological but also social: a large part of the local population is involved in cultural and micro-entrepreneurial activities.

WALL IN ART_From rock drawings to graffiti art: Val Camonica combines past and present and writes a new chapter for a very ancient story. In collaboration with one of the leading Italian writers, Ozmo, whose real name is Gionata Gesi, the community realized a widespread park of public art crossed by hiking trails. Under his direction, eight young artists created works of art in various styles in the municipalities of Borno, Cerveno, Lozio and Malegno. These tell of the contemporary public space of the Valley of the Landmarks, which is known for one of the most remarkable collections of petroglyphs in the world and enriches it with more contemporary artistic and communicative values. While walking on these paths, you discover secret connections between the epochs of human history, symbols to be interpreted and creative visions.

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