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Sustainable tourism - The award winners

The first three classifiers in each category will have the opportunity to display their entries at the Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti, in a special exhibition dedicated to them.

The current contingency unfortunately forces us to postpone the opening dates of the exhibition, which was scheduled for February and March 2021.

As soon as available, the new dates will be published on this website.



Motivations behind the award

This is a project of strong innovative value: an ice and snow theatre in the Pontedilegno-Tonale area, where resounds the music of instruments made with ice.

The use of ice induces us to reflect on the progressive glacier retreats. A theme that is particularly relevant here, as the ice melting on the Presena Glacier has been followed and investigated for a long time. At the same time, attention is drawn to the fundamental element of water, an essential resource for all life on the planet, known to be increasingly scarce.

The issue of sustainability, which is spontaneously associated with these elements, is also reinforced by the lack of additional elements - apart from the lighting. Furthermore, the venue can only be reached by cable car or on ski slopes.

The success achieved with a broad target group testifies an easy physical and cultural accessibility. It also represents an opportunity to diversify the attractions in an area with a strong tourist concentration, dominated by skiing activities.

See the fact sheet



Motivations behind the award

The love for art and beauty has led to the cultural and economical support of a small mountain village which, like many others, was at risk of being depopulated.

Here, art, alpine culture and spirituality have been linked, a combination that has drawn the attention of a broad audience to a remote, marginal mountain.

Noteworthy is the internationality of the exhibitions, both in terms of exhibited works and visitors from all over the world, as well as the social sustainability of the project, which has included a large part of the local population, on a cultural as well as entrepreneurial level.

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Motivations behind the award

With its widespread park of public art, the Val Camonica Cultural District has brought street art - which is a typical expression of the urban context - in a mountain valley, in a territory that is sometimes degraded by large abandoned industrial buildings of a former steel industry.

The artistic intervention helped to enhance the landscape, as did the performances on the history and culture of the valley. The correlation between ancient rock art and the new expressions of Wall in Art brings together, through the theme of the Valley of the Landmarks, eras which are very distant from each others and declines them on the territory through easily accessible hiking trails.

Although the project exhibits the works of external artists, it’s an invite to the youth of the valley to get involved both in the field of visual and performing arts and at the operational level.

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