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Ski bindings Protector

Company: Head/Tyrolia

Head / Tyrolia's R&D department has identified the backward twisting fall, the so-called phantom footfall, as one of the most critical moments for the modern skier, especially in the final part of a curve, and not just at high speed and with full power.
To prevent this type of trauma, we developed the new Protector binding, changing the heel piece of the ski binding. A Pivot heel piece has been mounted on a sliding plate that twists laterally and is regulated by a spring. In a backwards twisting fall, the lateral movement of the boot facilitates and favours its release, which occurs in a very short time, freeing the skier. In addition to the vertical openings, the new Protector has a heel construction that can move 7mm laterally and opens at 30° of rotation, enabling a 180° release.